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Pillow Pets Glow Pets - Zebra 12

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Glow Pets Zebra 12
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Model: GC30224-10019
UPS: 735541410130

I'm sure you will love that it features the pillow can be opened wide. the pillow can be opened wide uses 3 aa batteries or 4. 5 dc adapter (not included). Additional features consist of safest plush toy for the kids 3 and up and soft pillow. 0735541410130 is the EAN-13 code for this Pillow Pet. Save on the pillow pets glow pets - zebra 12 . We would like you to get the best price when acquiring a pillow.

Glow pets are the amazing light up pets that are also an extra comfy, soft pillow. Uses 3 AA batteries or 4. Simply press the button and your pet will turn on a soft glowing light that creates a magical atmosphere to assist your youngster fall into a restful sleep. The size is 12"mini Glow pets. 5 DC adapter (not included) They are also great for playtime, sleep overs, story time, or anytime. Each and every pet has LED lights that generate a glow without producing any heat and the built in timer automatically shuts the light off after 20 minutes.


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