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Hansa Grevy's Zebra Stuffed Plush Animal, Small

Rating 5
Grevys Zebra Stuffed Plush Animal


Model: 5153
Color: grey
Package Quantity: 1

Grevy's Zebra Stuffed brought to you by Hansa is definitely wonderful. I believe you will like that the product comes along with this feature of most hansa animals have pliable wire frames inside, allowing you to actually pose the animal. It's dimensions are 13.39"H x 12.6"L x 3.94"W and weighs just about 0.52 lbs. The doll is available in grey. 4806021951538 is the EAN barcode for this item. Awesome deal on Grevy's Zebra Stuffed .

Hansa is respected the planet over for its finely crafted collection of our planet Õ s animal kingdom. The fabric utilized for the spotted and striped animals is all custom created to Hansa Õ s exacting specifications in tiny quantites. The face and physique of each Hansa Animal is carefully sculpted inside-out to make their distinct features and musculature that are distinctive to every animal. Hansa Õ s goal is typically to support educate children and adults alike in regards to the all-natural lives of these magnificent creatures, and to understand, respect and appreciate the importance of our co-existence with all animals. Originally developed for exclusive European collectors, each plush animal is meticulously handcrafted from portraits of real animals in their all-natural habitat. In addition, interior designers the world over typically turn to Hansa animals when designing unique, one-of-a-kind spaces. Hansa Õ s chief designer pulls from his background in anatomy when researching each animal. By themselves, or paired with other Hansa Animals, these marvelous creatures make wonderful best close friends for children, adults, and collectors alike. Display them in groups, or use their large, signature animals to set the theme of a room. And each face is hand finished, which implies that each animal is special Ð just as in actual life. And every Hansa animal comes making use of a Ò Toys that Teach Ó tag describing each animal Õ s habitat, lifestyle, gestation period, care of their young and consuming habits. And all of the fabric used is hand-cut from intricate patterns and hand-trimmed by Hansa artisans, never stamped out by machines. An average of 42 seperate pieces are utilised for each small animal (some animals have as many as 240 different pieces ).


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