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Ty Beanie Ballz Oasis Zebra 5 Plush

Rating 4
Oasis Zebra 5 Plush

Ty Beanie Ballz

Model: 38040
UPS: 008421380404
Package Quantity: 1

Delightful plus cheerful Oasis Zebra 5 Plush , a great item made by Ty Beanie Ballz. I really loved that the doll had the feature of handmade with the finest quality standards in the industry. Additional features include things like ty from our heart to yours and collect them all. TY38040 is the manufacturer's number for this high-quality zebra doll. The doll is 5"H x 5"L x 5"W. It has got a weight of 0.15 lbs. Shopping for Oasis Zebra 5 Plush . I would like you to get the best price when choosing a doll for your kids.


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