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Gund Zebra 6. 5 Beanbag Plush

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Zebra 6 5 Beanbag Plush


Model: 4030298
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Package Quantity: 1

Young kids enjoy the lovable Zebra 6. 5 Beanbag . Among the many key features is the meets and exceeds all manufacturing guidelines. Other highlights include things like the world's most huggable since 1932 and surface washable. The zebra doll is 6.5"H x 3"L x 4"W and weighs just about 0.25 lbs. How to buy a Zebra 6. 5 Beanbag , visit the hyperlink below.

This realistic-looking zebra is actually a beanbag-sized 6. At that size he's perfect for take-anywhere play. 5"tall in the seated position.


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