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The Puppet Company Zebra Long Sleeved Glove Puppet

Rating 4
Zebra Long Sleeved Glove Puppet

The Puppet Company

Model: PC006039
Package Quantity: 1

Your youngster might take this Zebra Long Sleeved from The Puppet Company pretty much everywhere. I definitely loved that the product has mix and match with other cute and expressive puppets. Additional features consist of average height is about 15" and bright colors and beautiful materials. The zebra doll dimensions are 15"H x 15"L x 8"W and it weighs only 1 lbs. To order this product now at the cheapest price, click on the shopping cart add to cart button on this page.

PC006039 Features: -Puppet. -Can be employed in a puppet theatre, behind the sofa or anywhere else that takes your fancy. -Large adequate to take an adult hand and made to cover the complete with the lower arm. -Provide extraordinary worth for money. -Working mouths and hands and fantastic attention to detail.


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